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Jean-Paul Home Page

Jean-Paul Tea Home Page

Welcome to my home page

Here's a little about me

Name Jean-Paul Tea
Pics Photo Album *
College University of Washington
High School Sammamish High
Work Intel
City and State Beaverton, OR
ICQ 19763284
Hobbies & Interests Click here to see the list

* View it at your own risk.

Interesting Quotes

  • The measure of a true hero is when a man lays down his life with the knowledge that who he saves will never know.
  • There's no limit to how far you can go if you don't care who gets the credit
  • The probability of someone watching you is proportional to the stupidity of your action.

Fortune Cookies (Here are some of the fortunes I have gotten)

  • You are talented in many ways
  • You have at your command the wisdom of the ages
  • You are one of the people who "goes places in life"
  • To get what you want you must commit yourself to something
  • The happiest circumstances are close to home
  • More money and travel is in your future
  • You love chinese food
  • What's vice today may be virtue tomorrow

Take your pick

  • My extensive hotlist (check it out -- some links are absolete)
  • Chinese Horoscope
  • TKD Belt Color philosophy
  • Definition of a Gentleman (to my bros, read it and live by it)
  • CSE142 (a quick lesson in C) Based on the class I TAed.
  • My other Homepage
  • Great definition of FRIEND
  • Happy Valentine's Day
  • What is Love?

  • I've just added a guestbook (7/6/00), so please sign it if you can.

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    Page me if you want. I'll respond to you ASAP.

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    Before you want to mess with you... Ask yourself.... DO YOU FEEL LUCKY..???

    WELL... DO YOU???? :)

    Now , Shall We Dance? :)

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